Dec 19th 2018


  • Sun conjunct the Galactic Center
  • Sun trine Uranus
  • Venus trine Neptune
  • Chiron trine North Node
  • What is the energy like:

What is the energy like: Sun conjunct the Galactic Centre at 27.07 degrees Sagittarius is aligning us with the center of the galaxy, an immense amount of creation energy coming our way.

I felt like I was in a sort of void today. The energy was a bit chaotic and busy, but seemed like it held an enormous amount of potential. Venus trine Neptune is making things seem fuzzy, but also holding a potential of connecting in with our desires that are driven from our divine essence.

Chiron trining the North Node is sending healing opportunities our way, pushing us in the direction of our destiny.

What to watch out for: We are approaching the Solstice and a full moon at 0.49 degrees Cancer, which is a huge initiating energy. Winter Solstice being the darkest night of the year, is like the new moon for the next year and a significant seeding point for our vision. Be very aware of what you are seeding into this period.

How to navigate these aspects: The way to work with today’s energy and the upcoming few days would be to slow down, spend some time in quiet, reflecting on this year as it comes to an end, and sensing into what you would like to build next year.

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