Dec 21st 2018


Aspects: Sun enters Capricorn, Solstice! Mercury conjunct Jupiter

What is the energy like: Beautiful Solstice, with Sun entering Capricorn with the Full Moon in Cancer soon after. The question of the day is, what do I need to nurture to develop my sense of authority and inner power? What structures do I need to nurture for the next year? Mercury conjunct Jupiter might very well give us those wise answers very quickly.

 What to watch out for: With the holidays approaching, it’s easy to get caught up in a long todo list. But find a way to come back to center each time to take advantage of this wonderful energy.

How to navigate these aspects: With an astrological power portal especially with the full moon, take time out for a ritual or ceremony of some sort, to honor the year gone by with gratitude and sow a seed for the future. 

I saw the  moon tonight as it rose and it looked gorgeous! Still in Gemini (my natal moon), it drew me in with its light and prompted me to sing to it, calling to reclaim my soul lineage. Sit tonight in this breathtaking moonlight, and give thanks for the gifts of 2018.

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