Jan 15th 2019


  • Saturn trine Moon
  • Venus Trine Mars
  • Sun approaching South Node
  • Jupiter square Neptune

What is the energy like: Trines feel a lot more harmonious than the previous days have been. Saturn trine moon allows emotions to be in harmony with our plan of action, boundary, structure or authority. Venus trine Mars is also a beautiful energy that can be forward moving.

What to watch out for: Although Sun with South node can bring up painful themes that make it very obvious what needs to be dropped, the trine does soften that edge a bit.

How to navigate these aspects: There is a lot of Earth energy (Moon in Taurus, Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn), with Venus/Mars in Fire signs. This combination can make it easy to move towards our goals. If you are exploring (Jupiter) what your deepest soul desire is (Neptune), it’s a good day to work that plan, take a solid action step.

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