Jan 17th 2019


  • Mercury conjunct Pluto within 2 degree orb
  • Moon sextile Mars

What is the energy like: Mercury coming close to Pluto is allowing us to dive deep into what needs to change, but this can be a very uncomfortable process. Moon sextile Mars is a comfortable energy where we feel good taking the next step.

What to watch out for: Moon in Gemini can give rise to a lot of mental chatter but also access to deep wisdom and along with Mercury conjunct Pluto, bring up deep seated thoughts that point to what change we need to step into with courage. We are heading towards the Full Moon Lunar eclipse. The energies of today and this week are helping us to purge our lives of unnecessary things.

How to navigate these aspects: Dive into the depth of your thoughts and feelings with courage. Rest when you need to. Being in between eclipses can bring up a lot of stuff to process, and it’s important to listen to the body especially during this time.

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