Jan 18th 2019


  • Mercury conjunct Pluto exact
  • Mars square Saturn within 1 degree orb

What is the energy like: With Mercury conjunct Pluto, it becomes easier to confront the truth. This helps us to dive deep into our thoughts, and feelings which are fed by our thoughts. Mars square Saturn can make us feel like rebelling against the establishment.

What to watch out for: Mars square Saturn could bring up a lot of frustration against current traditions and rules in in life that may feel restrictive. Uncovering the truth about our inner mental terrain can be very illuminating. Allow Mercury with Pluto  to inspire deep lasting change in your life, and illuminate what rules are ready to die, what new structures need to be built.

How to navigate these aspects: Today is a good day to be honest about the structure of power in your life. Saturn seeks to help us take responsibility for our lives, and Pluto seeks to empower us by helping us to face situations we are afraid of. Are you being your own authority? What can you do to start to change that?

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