Mar 14th 2019

Aspects: Mercury conjunct the Sun, trine the north node. Mars trine Saturn.

What is the energy like: We are at the halfway point of Mercury retrograde. Mercury meets up with the sun today. This is a day of some clarity coming through. Mercury is giving the sun a message, a different viewpoint, a piece of information that was missing before. Since this is still Pisces, the message may not be fully clear, but interpreting things with a different perspective will help.

What to watch out for: Mercury retrograde in Pisces cannot be approached with an analytical mind. If things look or feel confusing, chaotic, not clear, let go and try doing some right brain creative activities to let the pressure of the left brain. Mercury trining the North Node is giving us a message that helps us to go in the direction of where we are meant to be going and an assurance that you are well taken care of.

How to navigate these aspects: Mars trine Saturn is a serious manifesting energy. Slow steady disciplined steps will take you to where you want to go, to a beautiful nurturing place where your needs are taken care of. This could very well be the message that Mercury wants to give the Sun today.

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