Daring to Live a Luscious Life – Uranus in Taurus

Uranus entered Taurus for the 2nd (and final) time on Mar 6th 2019 and it will be touring Taurus for the next 7 years. What does it mean for us?

Uranus in Aries where it was for the past many years, woke up our identity, maybe even bringing about a shocking and unpredictable change in our identity.  Aries is a cardinal energy, trailblazing something new, and forging its own path ahead and Uranus is the Great Awakener, awakening that unique part of ourselves.

Perhaps many of us woke up to the idea of what it really means to be our own self, for the first time. It  gave us courage to break up old patterns and initiate something new in our lives.

Now Uranus in Taurus is going to ground this idea, make it real, make it stable and we have a chance to make it really beautiful and enduring. Taurus is a very different energy than Aries. While Aries is all about starting something new, Taurus wants to keep it going, build it slowly and with thought and care, to ensure it lasts. Taurus wants to enjoy every bit of this delightful earthly existence.

As Uranus tours Taurus, these are the questions that will come up to our awareness:

– Are we living a life aligned with our deeper values?

– What is our idea of financial and emotional stability?

– Is our sense of self-worth attached to accomplishment or our physical appearance? Or do we believe ourselves to be worthy of the good stuff in life just because?

– Are we fully embodied in this reality or we living in our minds all the time? Uranus in Taurus will make us pay attention to the here and now. There is no other moment than being fully present in the now.

– How can we invite more grace, beauty and lusciousness into our lives?

– Are we slowing down and stopping to smell the roses? Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun!

The picture in this post is of my all-time favorite rose, Buff Beauty, which I grew in my yard many years ago. Apart from the beautiful color and its pairing with the lovely purple clematis, what I love about this rose is its intoxicating fragrance. It’s lovely scent would waft around on a gentle breeze when it was in full bloom. Just looking at this picture reminds me of the abundance and love this rose provided and all the gifts that Mother Earth constantly gives us. And Taurus, says enjoy all of it with much heartfelt gratitude.

Uranus’ journey through Taurus and its retrograde periods through it, will give us plenty of chances to get this right.

3 thoughts on “Daring to Live a Luscious Life – Uranus in Taurus

  1. Great summary of what is happening with the celestial energies and the questions really help to make it applicable to our lives. Well done Swati. You are off to a great start on your blog and newsletter.

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