Mar 21st 2019 – Balanced relationships

Aspects: Venus Square Aquarius, Sun conjunct Chiron

How can I apply it to my life: Venus squares Mars today. Venus and Mars represent our feminine and masculine aspects. How interesting that these square just a day after the Equinox and Libra full moon which is all about balance.

You may want to ask yourself what exactly needs balancing in your life and relationships:

– Are the feminine and masculine aspects within you balanced?

– Are you ready to release co-dependency in your relationships?

– Are you ready to release resentments against the other and look inwards to see what needs balance?

– Are you ready to initiate big things on your own rather than looking to others to take the lead?

– Are you ready to act on your own desires rather than expecting the other to take care of it for you?

– Are you ready to release blame against the other and take responsibility for how you co-create your own life?

As within so without–Our relationships mirror our inner state and often show us what needs to be first activated within, after which we will see it reflected in the outer world. Today is a good day to ponder on how this dance of balance is being expressed through you.

Yesterday’s powerful energy is still in place and Sun conjuncts Chiron exact today so it will continue to be a day of big intensity.

If you missed the Equinox webinar I hosted yesterday, sign up here to receive the recording and find out how to best work with these transformative energies. You will also receive my free e-book 3 sources of Hidden Power in your natal chart and how to start to unlock them.

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