Tread Carefully Today

Are you feeling the intensity today?

Today the Sun squares the Moon and the Moon’s nodes at 22 Capricorn, at the same point where Sun/Saturn/Pluto meet up next January. You might feel a lot deep feelings and frustrations rising to the surface, because this Capricorn energy is magnified by the Moon being in sensitive water sign Cancer. Pay attention because in the middle of all that is what you truly desire and the clues to what needs to change for you to have it. The sun is shining  light on what  you really really need and what needs to fall away to get that. The energy of today might push you to take action on that.

This is something that will get revisited several times before next year’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Every time this degree gets activated through transit (Saturn and Pluto will go over it again this year), it’s a chance to release an old pattern to get ready to rebuild a new pattern next year.

Grab this free copy of this handy document that explains Saturn/Pluto transits in greater detail and how to work with them.

In my own case, I have felt a deep need to simplify my life of anything distracting and make a strong commitment to a regular intuitive painting practice, because I know for sure that it connects me to my essence and allows the rest of my life to flow more smoothly.

Saturn says, slow and steady is best at this time, take the responsibility to nurture your future direction.

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