Sun enters Taurus

The Sun enters Taurus today where it will do a slow tour of what it means to enjoy this earthly existence! The essence of Taurus is the physical, enjoying this physical life on Earth and all the gifts that it has to offer.

Here I share with you 6 ways to connect to the Taurus energy:

  1. Slow down. Stop and smell the roses: It’s hard to enjoy life if we are zipping past at a fast pace. Taurus teaches us to slow down and smell the roses. Really pause and be mindful. Step away from our devices, and take in every moment. Allow yourself to take some things off of your to do list and just be.
  2. Delight your senses: Taurus loves to sample all the lovely gifts that this earth gives us. Feed your senses. Eat delicious food, pay attention while eating, taking in every bit of flavor. Surround yourself with beauty. Allow fragrance to enrich your life. Indulge in creative activities that fill you with joy.
  3. Spend time in nature, connect to the earth: Taurus helps us connect deeply to mother nature. With spring in the northern hemisphere and fall in the southern, the weather might be perfect for you to spend outdoors and allow yourself to be regenerated by mother earth. Spend time in luxurious gardens and parks, go for a hike, really taking the time to feel the renewal that being immersed in nature brings.
  4. Move your body in a way that makes you feel alive! Dance, Yoga, massage are great ways to pay attention to the body and what it needs.
  5. Declutter: The shadow side of Taurus can be to hoard physical things. Full moon energy can help  you release physical clutter from your home. Then make a commitment to fill it up with things that provide comfort, joy and beauty. Take inventory of your physical space.
  6. Great time to actually do the work on any project: Taurus helps us to take sustained determined steps to compete any project. Plan what you need to accomplish and work with this energy this month to make steady progress on it.

Enjoy this beautiful time of year and show gratitude for the abundance in your life!

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