The Week Ahead: Apr 22nd to Apr 28th

Apr 22nd: Sun conjunct Uranus. The week starts off with a bang with the Sun conjunct Uranus. This energy can help highlight where we want to break free from old outdated values and ways of being. You might get an insight on what needs to change in your life, or how you can bring in more delight or Taurian ways of being. Pay attention to any inspiring messages or thoughts you might receive today. Connect with this energy by going outside and spending time in the sunlight.

Apr 23rd: Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries asks you if your values are being honored and if you are brave enough to express them even if others around you may not see their significance. It’s important here to be kind and compassionate with yourself and move past the hurt to ask for what you want and need. Chiron helps you to deal with the sensitivity that is triggered when you try to step into your own power and assert yourself. Moon conjunct Jupiter could expand those emotions. Nurture and support yourself today.

Apr 24th: Saturn conjunct the South Node. Boundaries might feel stifling today as South Node meets up with Saturn. Old ways of handling power and authority come up for review. The moon in Capricorn is doubling down on that energy. Later today Pluto turns retrograde for the next 6 months. There is going to be an internal review taking place, of what else needs to die so that you can have a healthy relationship with power and your own sense of authority.

Apr 25th: The moon conjunct Saturn, South Node and then Pluto, continues yesterday’s theme of authority and power that just does not feel authentic anymore. Ask yourself how you relate to authority figures. Are you being your own authority or do you bend to others will easily? Are you taking the responsibility for nurturing your own potential?

Apr 26th: Mars in Gemini squares Neptune. Lots of choices arise today, but it’s hard to pin point a specific path. Things can be a bit foggy with this energy. Allow the moon in Aquarius to bring a breath of fresh air after much of the week being emotionally intense .

Apr 27th: Mars square Neptune, moon in Aquarius. Moon will trine Mars in Gemini. This can be a great day to indulge in creative activities. The Aquarius moon and Mars in Gemini encourage unique creative ideas, Neptune in Pisces allows us to source inspiration from deep within. Just go with the flow today and let yourself be creative. Spend time out in the fresh air to connect with Mars and the moon.

Apr 28th: Chiron today is at the midpoint of the moon and sun. This is shining light on our wounds and how to nurture them. Later during the day, moon sextiles Uranus, allowing a gentle breakthrough of sorts to occur.

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