Lesson from a turkey vulture

This weekend we visited a nearby farm. As we drove on the beautiful highway bordered with wildflowers, I saw at least 20 turkey vultures flying overhead. In general over the past few months I have seen them very frequently, over my house, even sitting on the roof, drying out their wings, a magnificent sight.

Vultures signify purification, and death and rebirth, very Pluto like energy so I feel they are here to support my journey as well. But there was a key thing that I learned from them today:

How to conserve your energy and shift it when needed. They are able to soar for hours in the sky and ride on thermals allowing them to use their energy efficiently. This reminded me to work with the energy of Air and its related modalities like scent and sound to uplift me. This was an emotionally heavy week for me and I worked with flowers everyday. A big realization was that fragrance was key to helping me get out of an emotional funk.

Howdy Ya’ll says a Texas Wildflower

This lesson was apt today as the Moon was in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini, both Air signs. Moon in Aquarius allows us to expand our view of the world, opens us up to a different perspective on things and allows us to feel uplifted by simply changing our point of view. Gemini cannot stand being bogged down and teaches us to change our energy and not to take things in life seriously.

Watching the vultures soar reminded me that I can always shift my energy by working with Air and its modalities, and thereby conserving my energy: breathe in fresh inspiration, breathe in a much loved fragrance (natural flowers for me!), sing and tone and take flower essences.

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