The week ahead – May 6th – 12th – spotlight on relationships

May 6th: Venus squares the nodes. Our instinctive desires clash with old traditional ways of doing things, and how we must nurture ourselves. This is actually a great opportunity to let go of any resentments in relationships. You might feel old stories around your relationships come up. Nurture your deep inner vaule, and let go of old baggage.

May 7th: Venus square Saturn. Relationship theme continues with a spotlight on our relationship to authority. Are you taking responsibility for owning your own value in your relationships?

May 8th: Mercury conjunct Uranus. Bolts of inspiration, new perceptions shattering our old point of view and giving us a new perspective. Watch out for shifts in your perception about things that have held themselves tight for far too long. This is an opportunity to create awakening and create big change in your life.

May 9th: Venus squares Pluto…wow…intense much? Another big opportunity to let old baggage fall away so we can really own our inner power. Pluto encourages us to dive deep into our feelings and flush out any lack of self-worth. Moon conjuncts the north node allowing us to nurture ourselves through this purge.

May 10th: Moon squares Uranus and then Mercury and trines Chiron. Another opportunity to align our hearts and minds and heal triggers around our sensitive spots.

May 11th: Moon in Leo trines Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. This can be a day of optimistic good feelings and expansive exploration of spiritual topics.

May 12th: Moon in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus, inconjunct Chiron in Aries. The week ends on a sensitive note.

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