How I came to respect and love the ancient and sacred art of Astrology

I grew up in a culture where Astrology was big and people went to see astrologers for every major and minor event in their life. However the approach was ‘Oh, just tell me when this bad period will end‘  and ‘Oh, the astrologer told me this bad thing will happen so I might as well stop trying’. And I grew to not really care for this art, because deep down I felt no person should have so much control over my life that they predict outcomes and I just blindly follow their advice. I knew there was truth to Astrology, I just couldn’t see it then because of the way it was approached.

Then, I started going through one of the most formative transits of my life, Pluto transiting over my Mercury (although, I didn’t know it yet). A deep feeling of un-fulfillment and despair had come over me for a long time, even though on paper I had ticked off all the life goals I had set for myself.

On one particular emotionally intense day, I dropped down to my knees and in utter sincerity I entered a space of surrender and asked the Divine to help me out. I said, I have worked so hard my entire life, I have everything I ever wanted, yet I feel like crap. I have nothing to left to give, please help me out. And Shamanic Astrology came into my awareness.

But this time the approach was very different. I learnt that the moment that we are born is encapsulated in our natal chart and contains all the clues we’ll ever need to decipher the purpose of our life. It was a way of understanding the soul’s intent in this life, and that nothing is an accident, everything has a purpose, and it changed my view of this art.

I started working with the Venus synodic cycle and the Lunar cycle, which then directed me to study my natal chart and started understanding, loving, respecting and honoring myself.  And I came to see my enormous potential in my chart.

And, I found out, that that day when I dropped down to my knees, was a POWERHOUSE in terms of astrological energy that was activating my chart in A BIG way–Sun entering Aries, Equinox, New moon Solar eclipse, all one day, was right on top of my Venus in Pisces. If ever there was a day to communicate with the Divine for me, that was it. And now I know, the Goddess (Venus) was listening, and started sending me signals to help me out. That’s how I started getting interested in Astrology.

Astrology was hugely instrumental in putting me back on track for my soul’s intended path. Had I not known I was going through Pluto/Chiron transits and how to handle them consciously and actually take advantage of the opportunities that arose, I would be in a very different place now, probably in deep depression and grief, completely unaware to the purpose of this transit, resigned to live with the thought that despite the success I’ve had in my career, life is a long mundane journey. Because honestly, both these transits bring up a lot of past life unconscious stuff, which acts like a cloud over this present life, and it requires careful handling, immense courage and deep compassion to self to shift these deeply entrenched patterns. I was guided to tools like sound healing and intuitive painting, that started to lift the feelings of deep grief and anger that were coming up as a result of the Pluto and Chiron transits and my Neptune Square (something that everyone goes through around the ages of 41-42). I felt empowered to face my fears and move past sticky situations with grace and courage. And as I was now shifting these patterns, my soul essence and desires started coming through and I was finding beauty and joy in life.

The knowledge of the transits and my chart opened my eyes to the huge potential in my life. Since then I have been consciously working with the transits affecting my chart using ritual and ceremony, and I see how subtly yet powerfully it is beginning to shift my life toward an empowered future where I am teaching others to work with their own chart in a conscious empowered way to bring out their unique potential. I see that as a sacred promise I made eons ago and trust that those who are meant to work with me, will come, as long as I courageously live upto my own potential.

Just knowing what is happening in the chart brings great awareness to our strengths, sabotaging patterns and karmic lessons we need to learn.

But I dive deeper to draw out the intent of EVERY transit I go through, and I find myself living a more satisfying life than I have every lived before!

And now my personal mission is help people embody the potential of the chart, to BE who they were meant to be through using clues present in the chart.

I invite you to check out my offerings here, all of which help you to know yourself and become your unique authentic self so you can live upto your potential!

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