Retrogrades, underworld journeys and eclipses, oh my!

Much celestial activity happening this week, with planets turning retrograde, Venus going into  the underworld and the week leading to another eclipse on July 16th. We are between 2 eclipses which can make this period feel very intense and unreal.

Retrogrades: The themes with retrogrades are a revisiting of old territory. The area will depend on where it activates you chart. Retrogrades are karmic zones and we are re-learning lessons that need to be completed.

July 7th Mercury turns retrograde: Mercury starts off in Leo and revisits Cancer. Our communication is going to be examined deeply- are we nurturing it? Are we giving safe space to ourselves to express our light and radiance?

Once again the Cancer theme is being played out. What gives us security? What do we perceive we need, to feel safe and secure. That foundation is changing. As we open to new ways of owning our inner power, our perception of safety and security also changes; from relying on outside influences to providing that safety for ourselves. And thinking and feeling it inside is one thing. But communicating it, so that our outer world reflects that security we feel inside is another thing. This 3 week period of Mercury turning retrograde is inviting us to turn within and get very clear on what it is really that we need to feel safe enough to express our brilliance.

Just know that this period calls for us to flow through with it by relying on our intuition rather than the analytical mind. Things may not be very clear. What is started now may change form, but be open and go with the flow which will allow us to incorporate any change with grace. Slow down, be careful of how you communicate, and show integrity in thoughts and words.

July 7th Venus enters the Underworld: Venus is now within 10 degrees of the Sun and behind it. We can no longer see Venus in the morning sky. This period lasts about 3 months and is similar to a Pluto initiation or trip to the Underworld. We may be required to re-visit our old fears and deeply suppressed emotions. The key here is to let go and let grace. Allow yourself to fully feel your emotions. If you have access to my 5-part series on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, see video #3 on Pluto which can help you navigate this underworld time consciously.

July 8th Chiron turns retrograde: Chiron in the chart represents our deeply sensitive points, our wounds from previous lifetimes. When Chiron in Aries goes retrograde, we are given multiple chances to revisit the places where we give our power away. This is another deep dive period into our wounds, our most sensitive parts, a chance to truly feel the charge of the emotions behind it, come to a place of acceptance and then move towards mastery of the wound.

July 9th Sun conjunct the North Node, opposing Saturn/South Node. Highlighting what needs to be nurtured vs what olds ways of control that are not in integrity with our self fall away. This can be super intense. But Mars & Mercury in Leo trine retrograde Chiron in Aries is really giving us the opportunity to boldly heal our power issues by taking radical action towards loving ourselves and showing up in our full radiance with courage! It is all these steps that we take towards owning our full brilliance that finally help us to heal our wounds around inner power (Chiron in Aries) and help us live in integrity with our Soul’s purpose (Saturn, Pluto).

On June 14th, the Sun opposes Pluto and repeats the power theme from above.

July 17th Full Moon Lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn: This is so close to the Saturn -Pluto conjunction degree and is a precursor to that. Old ways of controlling and authority are dying. An immense amount of energy in Capricorn today at this full moon is not just an ending of sorts but also a beginning, setting the tone for the rest of the year ahead. This can feel very intense with karmic components like Saturn, Pluto and South Node here. More will be written about this in the coming week.

How are you handling this intense time period. I’d love to hear–share in the comments below!

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