Take Charge of Your Future!

July 15th Full Moon Lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn: 

This full moon is in Capricorn, opposite the sun in Cancer at 24 degrees. Its also a  partial lunar eclipse, closing the eclipse tunnel we have been through that started with the Cancer new moon on July 2nd. This full moon eclipse is so close to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction degree (22.46) and is a taste of the rare conjunction coming up on Jan 12th 2020. Old ways of controlling and authority are dying. An immense amount of energy in Capricorn today at this full moon is not just an ending of sorts but also a beginning, setting the tone for the rest of the year ahead. This can feel very intense with karmic components like Saturn, Pluto and South Node here.

It is a great few days to get down and seriously come up with a  plan for the rest of 2019 and beyond. Capricorn themes are heavily emphasized today and the rest of the year.

Moon, Saturn, Pluto, South Node are all hanging out together. With so much Capricorn, it may be very easy to experience the shadow side of it. Judgement from self and others, strictness, rigidity, focus on accomplishment at all cost, irritation and contempt towards others not matching our thoughts and beliefs, feeling of restrictions and feeling of not having freedom.

The aspect with Pluto today is bringing up a lot of our issues around owning our power and we may feel grief and sadness around that. The purpose of Pluto transits are to help us face our fears around owning our power so that we can finally move past them and step into our strong presence fully. First though, we need to let go of old emotional baggage we may have been carrying around this sensitive topic. The sun opposite all these, with the north node and Venus are providing that balance to the heaviness and pointing the way we need to go:

  • How can we own our authority and yet nurture our relationships and have them come from a deep sense of self-worth?
  • How can we be completely ourselves and nurture our potential?

Its exhausting to be someone else, to do things the way others do at the cost of our own freedom and honoring our deepest values. Ultimately this transit and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction are seeking to put an end to the false identities we adopt so that our true soul essence shines through and we have the inner power to own it and express it completely.

This full moon is giving us an huge opportunity to dissolve these shadow aspects that may be running through our lives and build something truly substantial and sustainable for the future.

The year ahead is going to test us. Integrity is the word that comes to mind. Are we living in integrity with our heart’s desires? Are we being our own authority or mindlessly following what someone else says and does? Pluto is going to shake things up and break down structures not for our highest good. Saturn can help us build the new structure to support our lives in the years ahead but only if we are truly being our own authority. Otherwise Saturn’s influence can feel very restrictive.

How to navigate these aspects:

  • Work with my 5 part video series!! It has so much wisdom and many tips to help you align with the intent for this transit. Sign up for it here to get access to all 5 parts instantly.
  • Definitely do the creative exercise in the 5th video to help you release what’s no longer working and call in support to help you build a new structure in your life. Call in the support of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn to help you sail through this with dignity and ease.
  • Let go and let grace is the mantra today.
  • And finally, really give yourself some time today in silence, in the light of the moon to focus on your plan for the year. Then come up with the action steps needed to move ahead with those plans. Capricorn is an excellent energy to work with to give structure and form to your ideas. It can also give you determination, strength and focus to pursue excellence and mastery which comes from its deepest essence which is wisdom.

If you are needing support to understand how these transits may be affecting you personally, getting a chart reading can give you much clarity. You can request one here.

Wishing you a fabulous full moon, taking charge of your future!

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