Are you nurturing your own potential?

How is Mercury Retrograde coming along for you? Mercury Retrograde  has a not so positive reputation for making life difficult in the areas of communication/travel and life in general. But in reality, this period can be one of the best times to resume any creative project that got forgotten or pushed to the side. It was during the last Mercury Retrograde in Pisces that I worked on setting up my website and blog and published it– an intention and dream that was long in the works but not making progress, finally got completed during Mercury retrograde.

Mercury is in Cancer now. Lead with your heart, emotions and feelings. The theme here is nurturing. What are your nurturing — what ideas, thoughts, projects, passions are waiting to come out? Who are the people in your life that you are nurturing? What relationships do you want to nurture? It is a beautiful time to go within and source magic through creative means and let the heart speak.

Mercury Retrograde is meant to be a right brained time, so the thinking left brain and logic will be asked to go slow at this time. Do spend some time in nature and creative activities. Even doodling will help.

I’m working on redesigning my course to dive deep into a person’s natal chart, to help them be their unique self. And I’m finding that my words flow so much easier if I’ve indulged in some creative activities like doodling, finger painting (leading to messy keyboards when I type, but really who cares when I’m playing with paint!) and just coloring with markers on scrap paper. It’s like the deep seated constraints get loosened up and ideas start to flow out of mental cages when you allow the inner child to come out and play with color.

Mercury Rx in Cancer can also loosen up rigid ways of thinking, allowing deep feelings to come to the surface and letting them flow gives you access to a depth of ideas hiding behind their discomfort.

Today Mercury Rx met up with the Sun. This forms the mid-point of the 3 week retrograde period and is a day to pay attention to your thoughts. What deep insights are you becoming aware of?

Tomorrow the Sun enters Leo. The essence of Leo is radiant self-love. You love yourself so much that you allow your unique authentic essence to shine through. And through that you inspire others by simply being who you are. Leo has the courage to be authentic and shine bright.

Allow all this energy in Cancer and Leo to nurture your own unique potential so that your authentic-self sparkles with joy!

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