Leo New Moon July 31st 2019

This week we have the New moon in Leo, where the sun and moon meet up at 8 degrees Leo.

At the same time we have Venus and Mars in Leo, heading towards their rare conjunction later in August; and Venus trine Chiron in Aries, and Square Uranus in Taurus!. On the same day as the new moon, we have Mercury stationing direct.

The theme of this new moon is self-love. Ideal Leo loves to be in the spotlight because they are so lit up inside that they can’t help but share their sparkle with others.

With the sun and moon, Venus and Mars all in Leo, we are being given huge opportunities to love ourselves so much that our true essence shines in a  beautiful way so as to inspire others to do the same.

This new moon can be an excellent new beginning in your life. Venus in Leo says get in touch with that bright spark of self-worth within you, and Mars in Leo gives us the courage to take big action on our own behalf. Uranus squaring the new moon says open to a dramatic change in perspective that breaks you out of your old patterns!

Mercury stations direct on the same day meaning that we should now see the results of all that introspection  and new insights in how we can nurture our potential.

Venus is trine Chiron and gives us a chance to heal the wound around owning our power and self-esteem. Maybe you will speak up for yourself in your relationships. Maybe you will do something brave to honor your true essence instead of hiding. Maybe this will inspire you to create something new that expresses your soul essence. In order to own our uniqueness, we absolutely need to love ourselves so much, that it doesn’t matter what others think and we can unapologetically be our true selves with joy.

This day can feel very buoyant due to the Leo energy. Take advantage of this to spark a new beginning in your life, one that truly honors the beautiful unique soul that you are!

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