You know deep down you have talent. How are you nurturing it?

You may not know, but apart from being an Astrologer, I am also a Computer Engineer. I’ve been an Engineer for the past 20 years, in a leadership position for the past 7 years. And in recent weeks, I’ve been communicating with the folks in the engineering part of my world about Astrology and how I developed expertise in this.

This is asking me to completely love myself  and show up in all my unique authenticity and not hide the spiritual part of my identity in a world where the mental realm and logic hold rule. And, talking to lots of other people about my astrology work is really helping me to understand where I need to get clear on my message about what I do. So I appreciate this forum where I can articulate what exactly my philosophy is, why I think astrology works and what exactly I do with it.

See, Astrology provides us a map for this life. The natal chart is like a map with clues to tell us where we have come from, and where we are meant to go. You will see the truth of it when you get a reading with the right person (like Yours Truly :)), at how accurately it portrays your personality, where your strengths and weaknesses lie and most importantly, where you tend to sabotage yourself and what keeps you stuck in a place. And then the planets in the sky can activate your chart, and these times act as huge wake up calls, like turning a page of your life so to speak.

The real juice around what I do, is to help people get unstuck in their lives. And most of the reading is to bring awareness to where you are stuck right now, and techniques to help you move forward. The course and my coaching around it is the next step to clear the gunk that is blocking you from feeling fulfilled.

It’s really helped me develop my unique strength, which is helping people awaken to their own potential.

I noticed that most of the people I work with in my engineering job are fairly successful in their career. But that success doesn’t give them deep joy. I know, because I was in that position. Incredibly successful in my day job as a computer engineer that had given me satisfaction for years. But I reached a point where it all felt empty. And I asked myself:

  • Is this all there is to life?
  • Why don’t I feel alive and excited about life?
  • Why do I feel so sad all the time, despite having everything I ever wanted?
  • Do I even matter?
  • If I were to die today, what would I regret?

I knew deep down, that there was tremendous potential in me. And this job was not activating a lot of it. And that fact was making me very very sad.

Apart from my logical, intelligent, focused side that achieved goals and got things done, there was a creative side, that loved to play with paint, that loved to spend hours in nature, that loved to help people see things from a bigger perspective so they could get unstuck. That was tired of the rat race and wanted to feel free to be who I was really at my core.

Well, this is where astrology came in. Through a beautiful synchronicity, I was exposed to a reading that helped me understand my own chart. And I realized that at that time, I was going through Pluto transiting through my Mercury in my 12th house. This is big, folks! One cannot ignore Pluto transiting through a planet in your chart. It will bring up big emotions and other stuff to be faced, a lot of which I believe is past-life karmic trauma that is not yet processed.

Most people chalk this up to mid-life crisis (if you are in your midlife years) or general unluckiness or something else going bad or find a way to blame some external situation or person. We assume that life is meant to be this way. And every day, I see super talented people not having an outlet for their real potential, because they are stuck in a job that they believe is the only thing they can do in life.

But it’s not. In reality, these transits are like wake up calls designed by our soul, to awaken us to something greater. To help us to purge karmic trauma, so we can grow, evolve and live our full potential and feel ALIVE! And I woke up. Pluto helped me to wake up to my brilliant potential. And I figured out how to start to change the karmic stories that were causing me to be stuck. And designed my course Activate Your Power to help you do just that!

There are many many ways through which we can discover our potential. One of the ways I use is Astrology because it’s a ready-made map just waiting to be used to help us find our gifts. And the knowledge of your own unique personality traits combined with the timing of where the planets in the sky are activating your chart, is a super potent combination designed to power up your purpose.

So the question to ask yourself would be, Do you feel stuck in your life in any place? And if so, how does it make you feel to think that you might still be in this place 5 years from now?

If this question doesn’t bring up any discomfort, and you feel at peace, then that’s great! I’m happy for you! And you are exactly where you are meant to be!

But, if this question brings up discomfort, then you know deep down that there is something waiting to be awakened. That you are not happy with the status quo and something needs to be done about it.

Ask yourself, if you are feeling uncomfortable, how long are you willing to stay in that place of discomfort? How long are you willing to not really express yourself, to push down that desire to unfurl your brilliance and creativity. That desire to do something that makes you feel truly alive?

If this resonates with you and you would like to go further, I would love to connect and get to know you and see how to work together. My readings and Activate Your Power course are designed to help you get unstuck and figure out where your talents lie and how you can nurture it. I invite you to connect with me here so we can talk.

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