Have you ever looked at the night sky and wondered…

My first exposure to the stars was as a child, when my father and I would go to the terrace on top of our home and he would point out the constellations to me. I still remember the belt of Orion that was so easy to spot. He also had a small card that had the shapes of the constellations printed out. It was tattered and torn from use. But it was treasure to me, and I referred to it often, trying to match the shapes on the paper, with the shapes in the sky, feeling great joy when I did!

Those memories of night sky watching as a child stuck with me throughout my adult years. I was drawn by the mysteries of the stars and they guided me, even when I moved across countries in pursuit of higher studies, till I was ready to learn more about them.

I didn’t know then that I would end up falling in love with Astrology; and how the stars and planets speak to us through our natal chart. And that we can have a real relationship with them, and to our own selves, through them! That they help us feel a connection to something greater than us.  Then, it was my connection to my childhood and family, who I missed very much. Now, it’s a connection to my source and where I come from and to my soul’s journey through time.

The sense of freedom and peace I get when I go out into the dark night and see all the twinkling stars shining down, inspires me to be free to be me! My own unique loving shining self!

How can we tap into that sense of wonder and curiosity, mystery and connection to something greater than us? Have you ever looked at the night sky and wondered what the stars are telling you about yourself?

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