Virgo New Moon – Take radical action towards your sacred work!

What is your sacred work? The work that you were born to do and you love to do it!
Tomorrow’s New moon with 5 planets in Virgo trining Uranus is a fertile ground for taking radical action towards something you love to do.

Virgo’s essence is the dedication to its sacred work. 
Its so important for us to be connected to what our own sacred work is.
What is the cost of not knowing and not moving towards it? We end up feel unfulfilled, like something essential to our core is missing.

Today, ask yourself if you know what your sacred work is.
Venus and Mercury just entered Virgo can connect us to our deepest value related our work. Uranus trining this new moon, is giving a beautiful dose of inspiration and insight on it. And finally the new Moon and Sun with Mars on it, is saying, take that action steps towards it. 

With a groundedness that is so deeply connected to Earth energy, Virgo has the steadfastness to handle the immense details of everyday living, and do it day after day. It infuses sacredness into the mundane everyday activities.
Virgo honors the rhythm of the cosmos. It finds living in harmony with the earthly rhythms and managing its energy accordingly a very essential thing to do. 
Ask yourself today what you need to change in your life so you are living more in harmony with your own natural energy pattern.
Cycles of nature show us when to grow, when to let go, when to rest and replenish and birth anew.
Once you are living in sync with the earth’s rhythms, a feeling of peace and balance is so much easier to access.

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