Discernment and Trust

Are you feeling all the Virgo energy in the air these days?

Virgo is known for being precise, very structured and organized and knows exactly what happens when.

But what do you do when you have energy like we had this week with Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter coming up to a square with Neptune?

This week’s energy caught me by surprise. I felt a lot of judgement come up. Which led to me feeling irritated and annoyed and impatient because things were not working out exactly like I had envisioned. Sounds familiar?

This can be a shadow side of Virgo. It’s so attuned to seeing patterns that anything that doesn’t fall into a set pattern becomes very obvious and can bring up judgement.

To top it all, Neptune opposing Venus can add a confusing layer and  things are just not clear. And that is the opposite of what Virgo wants – which is everything organized, and planned beforehand.

So Neptune comes along and distorts everything, makes it look fuzzy. Is it a yes or is it a no? Is it this or is it that? Who knows?

Why is that? To help us develop the quality of surrender. Neptune in the chart shows us how we can connect to the divine source within. Oftentimes that requires letting go, surrender and trust.

So what’s the higher purpose to all the Virgo energy and Neptune opposing it? Discernment and trust. And developing a healthy balance between the 2.

Things are blurry for a reason. We are not meant to know at this time. We are being invited to stop controlling things and just let go, trust a higher way will be shown to us.
A lot of mutable energy in the air with so many planets in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces confusing things up, and Jupiter in Sagittarius expanding all that. This energy is helping us to loosen our attachment to control and make us ready for change. To dissolve set patterns that are really not helping us, so that we can put in a new pattern into place.
This could apply to your daily routine, something showing up in your work or your relationships or career or your health. Ask yourself, what pattern is set in place right now that needs dissolving? That is getting it in the way of living your best life?

This is building up to the full moon in Pisces next week. More on that later.

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