Shining Shimmering beautiful Pisces moon

In less than an hour from now, the beautiful full moon will oppose the sun. 

This full moon is making a lot of aspects.
Moon is with Neptune, opposing Mars and Sun in Virgo with Venus and Mercury just about to exit Virgo for Libra.
Jupiter in Sagittarius is squaring all of  them, expanding our desires and expectations.

This can be an intense few days, especially with Pisces being emphasized. You might feel a stark difference between what you visualize as a reality you desire vs what is actually happening in your life. Or a pull between wanting to just go with the flow vs the reality of dealing with everyday life.

If emotions come up, use all the techniques in your tool box to let them flow and release them. Don’t try to think your way out of this even though with so much Virgo activated, we may want to dig into details and over-analyze, even judging our progress.

Go with the flow, indulge in right brain creative activities to allow inspiration to come through. Pay attention to your dreams as they can be heightened with Moon and Neptune in Pisces. Work with the water element to infuse your creations with the emotion you want to create. Work with the practicality of the  Earth element emphasized by Mars in Virgo and Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, to make headway on your projects.

To top this all, Mercury is exact with Venus at the 29th degree of Virgo. This aspect allows our thoughts and ideas to be inspired by the Divine Feminine! So traverse this very carefully. Be open to what’s coming through in your thoughts and feelings today. Pay attention to your intuition by engaging in right brain creative activities like painting writing, being in nature.

This Virgo-Pisces-Sagittarius energy has a purpose. The highest intent of this transit is to connect us to the divine within us, source our soul purpose from this place of divinity and give us a practical way of bringing this vision to life.

Journal with these questions: 
Am I connected to my sacred work (Virgo)?
Am I living in a harmony with the Earth’s rhythms (Virgo)?
Am I engaging my imagination for my vision in life (Pisces)?
Am I able to trust in the Divine and go with the flow (Pisces)?
How do my beliefs show up in my reality wrt to my sacred work? Do I need to change my belief system in order to change my reality (Jupiter in Sagittarius)?
Where can I be in compassionate service (Pisces) and form a structure in my life (Virgo) that allows me to do my sacred work?

Sit in the light of the moon today and tomorrow night, just soaking in its gentleness and infuse yourself with grace and peace!

Blessings flowing to you today!

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