Are you ready to move ahead?

Last week 2 planets had a change. Saturn went direct on Sep 18th after being retrograde since April this year. And Venus is out of the underworld, and rose as the evening star on Sep 19th,

Saturn turning direct will now allow forward movement in the area of life it is transiting for you.
In the past 5 months, the retrograde movement of Saturn would have given you plenty of opportunities to go within, and deal with karmic issues. The pressure to accomplish would have been less but at the same time, you might have had to take responsibility for resolving old karmic issues. 
Now that it is direct, you will likely see things moving ahead, especially if you did take responsibility to clear out obstacles during the retrograde period.
The pressure will start to build though, as Pluto goes direct on Oct 2nd, and Saturn races to meet Pluto on Jan 12th 2020. This can intensify the crumbling of old structures in your life so that the new can be rebuilt.

Venus can now be seen in the evening sky, close to after the sun sets.
Venus as the evening star follows Inanna’s story as she ascends out of the underworld, beginning to reclaim her full power. This can also show up in your life as forward movement in the area of the chart that Venus is transiting.

The autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern with the Sun at 0 degrees Libra graces us with its presence on Sep 23rd. 
This is an exceptional time of balance as the Sun comes directly over the equator and allows for equal days and night to be experienced. Equinox is lovely time to do a ritual to invite more balance into your life. Use this week to recoup and reevaluate where your energy for the rest of the year needs to be spent.

Things will start to move quickly as each planet starts to move direct (Pluto in Oct, Neptune in Nov and Uranus in Jan). All these transits are paving the way for huge transformation to occur in 2020. So take this time to get very clear on your priorities and how to manage your energy wisely.

The transits in this upcoming week can be intense, with the Venus squaring the North Node on Sep 25th and Mercury squaring Pluto on Sep 27th. Our desires, how we communicate them and in what we are meant to be moving ahead with them can bring up a lot of questions. There could be deep emotions surfacing as these questions come up. Navigate carefully.

The Sep new moon in Libra gives us another opportunity to evaluate balance in our lives, especially as it pertains to relationships. Are your relations harmonious and do you show up as an equal in your relationships?

More on that coming up later this week.

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