Pluto direct today – what does it mean for you?

Today Pluto turns direct.
Now it heads very quickly toward the 22nd degree of Capricorn where it will meet up with Saturn on Jan 12th next year.
This is a big one folks, and you really want to pay attention to what is turning up in your life in the next few months leading up to it!

We just has Venus square Pluto yesterday. This might have shown up as strong relationship dynamics — power struggles, deep uncomfortable truths about your relationships coming up to be faced, seeing the truth about a relationship that just shocks or surprises you. This could be with others or even yourself.

How do you handle it? With courage, and compassion, face what is coming up. Allow the strong intense emotions to flow, if that is your experience. The truth behind these situations wants to be faced, does not want to be swept under the rug. That’s the only way to move ahead towards your destiny.

As Pluto turns direct today, a lot of forward movement will be seen. 
As Pluto and Saturn move ahead to meet up, the next few months is giving you HUGE once in a lifetime type opportunities to make major shifts in your life and build something new that is truly in alignment with your purpose.
It does take courage though, to wake up every day, decide with intention to ditch the old stories you may be living with, and make a commitment to write a new story for your life.

October once again gives us plenty of opportunities to change our life for the better. It seems like the intensity of transits just continues, and really this is paving the way for huge change in 2020.

What inner work you do now, before these 2 planetary powerhouses meet up, will be expanded by Jupiter in the rest of 2020.

Pay attention and walk consciously on your path ahead with courage and commitment to live your best life ever!

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