It’s truth time!

We are now entering Scorpio territory and it’s time to go diving for the truth. Multiple transits are helping us along the way.

Time to see the truth, time to tell the truth:

Mercury in Scorpio: Mercury in the chart shows us how we perceive things, how we process them mentally and how we communicate what we see. Scorpio is the sign of truth. It will go relentlessly searching for the truth, no fake, vague intentions here. This month is giving us immense opportunities to see the truth behind all our actions, the real patterns  that create the reality we are in. Mercury will also will go retrograde here starting Oct 31st, so it’s going to be in Scorpio for a lot more extra time than usual. So this is a really good time to go diving deep into your subconscious to bring out the truth about the patterns and any limiting beliefs you may have underneath.

Time to feel the truth:

Venus has now entered Scorpio. This is all about getting to the truth of our desires. What do we really really want? Most likely it’s not the superficial stuff that we think we want. The real hearts’ desires, our real values are going to want to come out here. On the way to diving deep to get to the truth, we may face a lot of uncomfortable stuff, emotions we have stuffed away. But it’s time now to face the truth, face the discomfort of knowing that in the past, our desires were not satisfied, time to feel the hurt of unmet desires. And its time to let it go so we can tap into the greater truth that is our life force underneath all this superficial surface.

Full moon in Aries square Pluto: This Sunday Oct 13th, we have the moon in Aries, full, opposite Sun in Libra. It is also making an exact square to Pluto. Which means that its likely to be intense. And Pluto is just like Scorpio. It wants to dive for the truth. Nothing but the truth. So intense emotions can come up as we face all  that we have suppressed.
The moon in Aires wants to charge ahead, do things it owns way, trailblaze new territory with courage. But Sun in Libra says, hold on. Have you looked at all possibilities? Have you taken into account everyone’s opinions. Its calling for a balance between doing things alone and collaborating with others.
Both are making a square to Pluto, which can strongly bring up patterns around how we relate to others. How do we relate to the topic of power? The balance between being in our own power and relating to others harmoniously. Not seeing ourselves as inferior or superior to others. But having a strong sense of self-esteem, so we can hold our own in any relationship. Any patterns that undermine this truth, will come to the surface to be revealed, with Venus in Scorpio around this full moon time. Be mindful and aware this week of all the undercurrents happening. A lot of stuff is rising to the surface from the deep, feelings could run intense too.
The square implies we will have a decision to make. No turning back from this one, and the only way out is strong, bold action to break the limiting patterns of the past.
Work with the immense fire energy that is this full moon, to physically move, dance, release old patterns, and work with the Airy Libra Sun to breathe in new life into your creations. Take a bold physical step towards what you really really want.

Mars has now entered Libra: And while all the truth telling is happening with the transits above, Mars says, do all of that with grace and diplomacy. Easier said than done? Let’s have the courage to find out.

Wishing you a bright fulfilling full moon that moves you closer to your destined future!

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