Let’s talk about anger

A huge catalyst for my personal growth was becoming familiar with the emotion of anger.

It started many years ago, when I stepped into a leadership position, by having to face situations where someone was angry at me…and this was explosive anger. Dealing with that situation was tough for sure, and when I came out at the other end, I was left asking myself, why had this happened to me. Why, when most of my life I’d had harmonious relationships, this one ended up being full of conflict.

That’s when I realized through multiple synchronicities, that “as within, so without”. That our external world is a mirror of what’s within and that my relationships are a mirror of what’s within me.

As hard as that was to take, because it essentially implied that there was anger within me and that’s why I was seeing it outside of me, I started to dig deeper. This was the real beginning of my personal transformation, to look at the anger I was carrying within  me that I had just become conscious of, to really look at it, become familiar with it.

But how to become familiar with it? We are not taught to feel and express our anger in healthy ways, only suppress it because it makes people uncomfortable.

To cut a long story short, I learned many ways like tapping, EFT, intuitive painting and sound medicine to start to express my anger and feel it, rather than suppress it or dump it someone else. Also, where was it being triggered, why and what could I do to change it? And the commitment to give myself permission to feel all the feelings that brought up.

That was a huge shift. It unlocked so much life force within me, that allowed me to move through fear and grief, do many things that I had been afraid of doing before, become clear on my soul’s work and eventually birth my business.

But the reason I am writing this email is because I’m seeing more and more how women find it hard to be in touch with their anger.

Working with a client earlier this week, I realized how important it is to know within what our anger really feels like and not hold any judgement around it so we can fully feel this emotion in order to let it flow!

And helping someone move through it, to see them give themselves permission to feel this incredibly powerful emotion can be a wonderful thing to witness!

There are many planetary transits that will dig out emotions from  the deep. Particularly when planets go through Scorpio, or are in their underworld stage (like Venus and Mars in recent months), or if you are going through Pluto initiations (Pluto and Scorpio energy are the same), that is the time when our shadow side is revealed, and anything we have suppressed consciously or unconsciously will surface.

So as we are traversing Scorpio territory for the next multiple weeks, with Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, and Sun soon to enter it next week, and Mercury going retrograde in Scorpio, pay attention to the deeper intense emotions that may come up to the surface.
Is anger at the root of these emotions? Do you need to find a way to express it in a healthy way? Do you need to give yourself permission to really feel it without feeling bad about it or thinking less of yourself for that?

I’d love to hear how you deal with anger. What are your goto methods? What transformation have you experienced by allowing yourself to feel your anger?

If you are needing support to understand how the planetary transits may be affecting you personally, getting a chart reading can give you much clarity. I offer full natal chart readings, transits for the next one year and Solar return charts. Reach out to me if you’d like one, reply to this email or request one here.

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