Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury has now turned retrograde till Nov 20th 2019.
It will go from 27 degrees to 11 degrees 35 minutes in Scorpio.
This will include a diving deep into the Scorpio mysteries which are all about accessing your inner power through being able to access the full depth of your feelings.
This is an extremely right brained time and you’ll benefit from slowing down and allowing the logical mind to take a backseat. Accessing intuition through creative activities, being in nature, working with the element of water, and most importantly, allowing yourself to feel all your emotions in a healthy way are a good way to go through this period.
It can be an intense time if there is a lot of shadow coming up for you. But by holding space for yourself to feel all your feelings, you’ll be able to exit this mercury retrograde period with more clarity.
Remember all these transits are building upon each other, to clear the slate for 2020, which is starting off with a bang with the Saturn Pluto conjunction and ending with a bang with the Saturn Jupiter conjunction.
We are in a  period of a void, and the inner work you do now will allow you to build in 2020 with a clear energy.

This weekend the moon is in Capricorn, and has just gone over Saturn and Pluto. An excellent time to go through the Saturn Pluto conjunction videos or do the creative exercise in the 5 part video series.
If you are needing support to understand how this transit is affecting you personally, feel free to reach out to me regarding a natal chart reading.

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