Being deeply honest

How are you doing this week?

In all honesty, it’s been an emotionally intense week for me. There’s been a lot of stuff triggering me, people/situations etc that have brought up some deep shadow around feeling inadequate no matter what I do. Some of things that are coming up are judgement around what others do, how much responsibility they take vs how much I am doing, tired of trying to fit in, feeling of utter disillusionment with everything, thinking what’s the point of trying etc etc etc.

It has given me a tremendous opportunity to let go of emotions/judgement/biases which block my life force, that suck my energy and prevent me from doing the things I’m truly excited about. I have spent much time ranting and raging in tapping sessions and using sound/toning to move the energy.

It’s no wonder really, with the transits that are happening, with Mars squaring Saturn last week, and Mars squaring Pluto yesterday, all in the middle of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, the sign of emotional intensity, that it’s been kind of like a mini dark night of the soul. Even through this, my vision for my life is becoming clearer and it’s almost as if the clearer it becomes, the deeper I’m being guided to dive in to extricate anything that is not authentic to me.

Mars-Pluto square yesterday: It’s important to pay attention to this energy, as this will be played out multiple times in the future, especially in 2020. Mars has come out of the underworld and is now visible in the morning sky before sunrise, in the east.
Squaring Pluto, it is asking us to pay attention to the masculine energy that is coming up to be transformed. Mars in Libra is looking into how we do relationships, are they equal partnerships, the feminine and masculine sides balanced? Are we honoring all points of view? How is our own relationship to our power? Only if we are in our own power can we have an equal partnership. So  the masculine nature of our relationships is coming up to be transformed.

When squaring Pluto, you might be asking yourself: What is it that is driving my motivation for action, is it that I truly desire it or is there fear of authority or fear of not taking responsibility. What is aligned responsibility? What is mine to do vs someone else? Am I having the right structure in my life to allow me to do my work? Or does this structure need to be transformed to be more supportive?

Honestly looking at what triggers us, Mercury Rx in Scorpio bringing this to the surface gives us an opportunity to transform it so it’s not holding so much control over you, so it doesn’t prevent you from taking action on what you want. This is the purpose of all the Scorpio transits happening. See, we can be masters at hiding our own crap 🙂 So pay attention to what is coming up to be faced. Our willingness to go into the dark to meet our own shadow can truly change the outcome here.

I pulled these Cards today from the Elemental Forces of Creation deck created by Lisa Michaels to get a sense of the energy and how to work with it.

What’s the energy like: Mass Consciousness
How to move it: Divine Masculine
What’s the possible outcome: Relationship to Others

The summary of this reading is that we want to pay attention to how we are affected by others beliefs and thought patterns (mass consciousness). Air is the one resource we all share so intimately and literally we can be influenced by others limiting beliefs and mindset. Our collective view of the Masculine is coming up to be transformed. We have done so much healing in recent years with respect to the Divine Feminine, and now it’s time to embody a healthy Masculine. Ditch the old perceptions of how  the Masculine is supposed to show up in our life, and instead embody the healthy essence of it. That nurtures and protects, that honors and respects the Divine and Feminine and creation in all forms. As we ourselves transform our relationship to the Masculine within us, this will directly affect how we relate to others.

I think this sums up Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn beautifully.

Want to know if you are going through Pluto transits and how best to navigate the change its orchestrating in your life? Connect with me for a reading here..

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