Are you feeling the shift in energy?

Are you feeling a respite in the intense energies of the recent weeks?

We have been through one of the most active Mercury retrogrades I’ve experienced in a while. Mercury stations direct on Nov 20th so after that you should see some things moving forward in your life, although it will be the 9th December before it finally clears the area of Scorpio that it was retrograde in.

Last week, on the 11:11, we had a very rare Mercury transit . Which is like an eclipse of Mercury as it goes over the face of the sun. That made the 11:11 which is already an auspicious date a super powerful one. This formed the halfway point of the Retrograde cycle, and its meeting with the sun is a significant point in Mercury’s cycle. Coming just a day before the Taurus full moon, you might have received new insights. Mercury will revisit this same point on November 30th, and that’s another checkpoint where you may want to pay attention to new ideas and patterns forming in in your mind.

I’ve been personally processing a lot of things that came up during this Scorpio retrograde cycle. Lots of stuff coming up from the deep, old patterns brought to my awareness, insights regarding new patterns  I want to set in my life to expand my work with Astrology and Coaching. Also, I let go of some expectations I had of myself and other people. By the end of the Taurus full moon window, I felt like a huge weight had lifted of my shoulders.

I’ve been feeling this energy as if it’s like a void. New things, people and forms of support are showing up in my life, which I most certainly intended. But also the old is still there. It’s as if they are coexisting, and I’m very aware of all the possibilities that are present. Being super conscious of what I really want and putting my focus on that is helping.

As we move into the final weeks in 2020, use this time to get clear on how you want to feel next year, what kind of person do you want to be, how you want to experience life. And clear the way for you to do just that. The energy now is helping us in a  big way to clean up our lives. The time to build will come, but for now focus on clearing.

This week, Mars enters Scorpio, and that could give you immense drive to achieve your desires. Later in the week, on Sunday, Mars opposes Uranus and Venus meets up with Jupiter at the galactic centre on the same day! This is a super inspiring and uplifting transit. Mars is giving you a burst of drive and energy and push to break through and Venus and Jupiter are expanding the gifts of your desires! Take advantage of this energy by staying conscious through the week, always being in touch with what needs to be let go of so you can allow this energy to support you in the direction you are meant to be going in.

As usual, if you would like to know how to navigate these transits in your own personal life, feel free to reach out for a reading of your natal chart.

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