Venus Jupiter conjunction – Don’t miss this magnificent sight!

I looked up at the night sky this evening and lo and behold! Jupiter with Venus shining down so bright on a cool clear  night!
You’ll be able to see them together for the next few evenings, don’t miss this magnificent sight!

Jupiter and Venus conjunction is allowing us to expand all things Venus, but particularly our relationship with the Divine Feminine.
This next week is full of amazing energy, be sure to take advantage of it by going within, tuning in and keeping your focus on what you want to create. Because remember, Jupiter will expand what you focus on.
On Sunday, this conjunction is exact and at the same time, Mars opposes Uranus giving us tremendous breakthrough opportunities!
Then on Tuesday, the Sagittarius new moon allows for a beautiful expansive new beginning, encouraging us to go on a quest to expand our frontiers.
Later in the week, Jupiter enters Capricorn, solidifying our path towards 2020 and the Saturn Pluto conjunction.
This is a big energy shift from Sagittarius and we now enter a brand new chapter in the saga of the 3 big planets (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter).

Have  lovely expansive joyful week ahead!

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