Sacred Promise

This year’s Thanksgiving for me had a dark night of the soul quality to it. I’m just coming out of the darkest nights I’ve had in a while, and I have to be honest, despite the tremendous good in my life, I had a hard time accessing the quality of gratitude.

This with the moon going over Capricorn last week, meeting Saturn and Pluto, was not surprising. I have my Mercury and Mars at these points and I’ve really felt the intensity of these transits everytime the moon goes over them.

Unable to do much, I decided to spend some time time cleaning up my laptop of old documents to prepare for the new. And I came across this bit I had written while trying to do an exercise that got me to think about why I want to pursue this astrology + coaching business:

Why is this a must? Because I made a sacred promise. I made a sacred promise that I would dive into the depths of my soul, and find the gold and bring it up to be shared. I made a sacred promise that I would guide these souls through their darkest times and show them the way to their own gold. It is now time to fulfill that promise. Feel the feeling of sacred promise. The honor of that role. The humility at the trust and faith shown by these souls, so the courage I must summon to walk this path. The deep reservoir of divine love supporting me and carrying me. I am born to do this. I am not alone, I am supported by the Divine. Remember, Sacredness, Integrity, honor, love, kindness, strength, gold, trust in myself and the Divine.

Reading this brought me out of my funk very quickly! I realized the power of these words as I had written them down after really tuning into my heart.And how much of this has been so true this year.

I’m very thankful to the women who I have worked with this year. I bow deeply to you in gratitude. Each one was going through tough planetary transits. It has been such an honor to walk beside you during your hardest times and you remind me every day why I love doing what I do!

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