Inspiring Gemini Full Moon

Welcome to the final full moon of the year!
In just about a half hour, the moon will peak in Gemini with the Sun in Sagittarius.
Gemini, an Air sign, sure lifts the heaviness we have been feeling, from the recent transits in Scorpio!
Allow Air and Gemini to inspire you and shift the energy to release any heaviness you have been feeling lately. Prepare for the new year and decade by deciding to release anything that is dragging you down and not in your highest good!

I always love this full moon, as my own natal moon is in Gemini and I feel most nurtured by the moon’s energy during this time.

Doing a full moon fire ritual is an excellent way to work with the Gemini Air and Sagittarius Fire signs.
Clear the slate before the new year, by completing unfinished tasks. Breathe in fresh Air and ask to be inspired by this window of time.
In 2 weeks time, with the New Moon in Capricorn and Solar Eclipse, we will be given a huge opening to set intentions for the next decade.
In the meantime, allow this full moon to refresh you and release release release all that you are ready to let go of!

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