Let the Capricorn Party begin!

I laughed aloud even as I wrote the words of the title of this newsletter 🙂
That’s because Capricorn and Party don’t exactly go together!
In just a couple of hours, the Sun will reach 0 Capricorn, signifying the Solstice. It joins Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and South Node.
A major wheel of the year point, the December Solstice is like the new moon for the entire next year (in the Northern Hemisphere) and a full moon in the Southern.
The darkest night (or brightest as the case may be), is an excellent time to pause and honor the year and decade gone by.

This Solstice is square Chiron in Aries, so may trigger some wounds.
The entire week ahead is building up to a great seed point for the next year, with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 25th.
Take advantage of this energy by doing a gratitude ritual to recognize and acknowledge the gifts that 2019 brought, and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for what’s coming ahead.

One question I like to ask myself is, ‘Who am I being?” and are my thoughts and actions in alignment with who I want to be?

Wishing you a lovely merry Solstice,

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