Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse

In a couple of hours the Moon will meet the Sun in Capricorn, initiating the 1st new lunar cycle of .
Its an extraordinary new beginning, as it is creates an annular solar eclipse (moon seen in the middle of the sun, looking like a ring of fire), visible in some parts of the world.
Whether visible to you or not, solar eclipses make the new moon more powerful and we now enter a period of 2 weeks of non-ordinary reality, culminating with the lunar eclipse full moon on Jan 10th and then followed by the famed Saturn Pluto conjunction on Jan 12th.
Walk through this period with extreme awareness as its like a big void where what you seed is expanded, as the New Moon conjuncts Jupiter and trines Uranus.
However the holiday season is playing out for you, remember to keep coming back to the present moment, taking a deep breath and reminding yourself of what you want to create. Use all the tools in your spiritual toolbox to help you move through this period with grace. Remember, with so much Capricorn, judgement in yourself and others may come up more prominently. When you are aware of this energy, its easier to keep things in perspective, let them go, or take appropriate action to move past it.
If you have not gone through the Saturn Pluto conjunction videos on my website when you signed up, now would be a good time to do so! They will support you in making the best of this time.

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