Staying sane this eclipse season

We are bang in the middle of eclipse season. There is lots happening in the celestial world that is impacting us here on Earth.

With the full moon Lunar Eclipse on Jan 10th, Uranus direct on the same day (all planets direct-time to  move ahead with some action!) and then Saturn Pluto conjunction on Jan 12th with Mercury/Sun meeting them on the same day, 2020 is off to an explosive start! How has the 1st week of 2020 been for you?

To be frank, it has been an intense time for me.
Very internal. I’m needing way more solitude than I have been getting. With the holidays, being alone in absolute quiet and silence has been near impossible.

I’ve mentioned before that this Saturn-Pluto conjunction happens to be at the same degree as my Mars in Capricorn. Even though I’ve experienced a Pluto initiation before, when it crossed over my Mercury in Capricorn, and then Saturn, when it did the same, I thought I knew what to expect; I thought I knew what transformation meant.
But I was surprised at the intensity of emotions that have come through. A feeling of emptiness, void, anger, grief, restlessness, strong feelings of pointlessness, then peace, gratitude, determination, compassion for myself. The urge to purge has never been stronger and I’m resisting coming up with a vision for the year ahead because I’m still so much in the energy of letting go.

What is really helping me is the awareness of what is going on in my natal chart.

  • That this period is so close to the exact conjunction and in between eclipses, this is an unreal time.
  • That so much of my 12th house is being activated by all the boatload of planets in Capricorn, there is naturally going to be karmic completion and release of patterns.
  • That Jupiter there so close is voraciously expanding the transformative power of Saturn and Pluto.
  • That this is a major let go time for me; winter so to speak. This caterpillar is still in its cocoon.
  • That I have been doing a ton of inner work and lots of good stuff has happened behind the scenes in 2019, so I shouldn’t be feeling ‘useless’  — this is just the effect of shadow Capricorn that I am meant to let go off.

So, I breathe, come back to center, release, repeat.

I want to let you know, that if you have planets in Capricorn/Aries/Libra/Cancer, you are probably feeling the effects of these transits too in a big way. Just know, that you are not alone and the best thing you can do is be extremely kind to yourself! The next best thing is to get a natal chart reading!

Here is a list of things in no particular order that are helping me stay on my path:

  • Rest and lots of sleep. Thankfully I’ve taken the last few weeks off, and can take it physically easy.
  • Reading The Power of Now. I resisted reading this book for years; and its really been so grounding for me to come back to this age old teaching of ‘presence’.  There is nothing to do, nothing to achieve, nowhere to be, but the present moment.
  • Kundalini Yoga. I made a commitment to do a couple of kriyas everyday and that is truly helping me be in my body.
  • Allowing myself to feel all of my feelings. Crying at the drop of a hat, letting out anger when I need to and not feeling guilty about it.
  • Purging old stuff. This time I tackled loads of scrapbooking supplies I had been holding on to. I let myself feel the grief of all the projects I had wanted to do with them but never saw the light of day. Time to give these away to someone who will put them to good creative use, and time to move on to what’s next for me.
  • Setting up a creative space for myself. A space where I can move my body and paint with freedom.
  • Time in nature. Apart from visits to beautiful local parks, we spent 2 glorious days at the Corpus Christi beach with my family. Ocean time is always like a balm to my soul. I’m so grateful to be living in Texas where even in winter there is a chance for excellent weather! I probably won’t be saying that in summer:)
  • Lastly, but not the least, some humor. During one of the many many trips to the public library with my kids, I sought out a new lighthearted whodunit series and found a gem in Donna Andrews. Just into it a few pages and I was laughing hysterically; humor lifted me out of my emotional underworld; making me see that this too shall pass, Pluto won’t stay on my Mars for ever; it will give me a respite of a few years before moving on to my Ascendant in Aquarius, ha! And I will emerge on the other side a shiny new butterfly 🙂

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