3 practical ways to prepare for this momentous weekend

This weekend is power packed with astrological portals that are acting like a gigantic seed point for this year and decade. Let me break this down for you and explain each one in detail:

Jan 10th Cancer Full Moon Lunar eclipse. One of 4 lunar eclipses this year, this is bringing to a completion all the ways we don’t nurture ourselves, our community and the Earth at large. Cancer moon near North Node telling us which way to go—a nurturing future, and opposing the boatload of planets and South Node in Capricorn. Old ways of authority are dying, giving way to new nurturing nourishing ways of being in power. Ask yourself, what old ways of being in power (or lack thereof) are dying? What is your relationship to authority? How can you nurture your own power and authority? How can you take responsibility for nurturing your own potential? How can you do your part to nurture the Earth?

This is energetically bringing to an end a huge number of patterns personally and collectively. This creates a void after the release, to be followed by Uranus direct on the same day.

Jan 10th later in the day Uranus turns direct. Uranus is the great awakener. It can create sudden awareness of possibilities we had not noticed before. Be open to dramatic flashes of insights and ideas. It could also bring about shocking revelations and endings and unpredictable situations, all for the purpose of moving you to a new empowering future.

Jan 12th The Saturn Pluto conjunction. Finally its here. Saturn meets with Pluto exactly once so this is a really important transit (we are not going to be given repeat chances like in retrogrades). My free video series goes into this in great detail—if you have not yet watched it, this weekend is a great time to do so!

The summary is that this conjunction (meeting of 2 planets) is like a huge seed point. Old structures are crumbling and dying (Pluto) and new structures are being birthed. Saturn is asking us to take responsibility for building new sustainable structures that respect the Earth and all things in the physical realm.

How to prepare for this weekend?

  1. Clear the slate. Really, eliminate distractions, drop meaningless commitments and try to give yourself as much time in solitude as you can. The full moon can be very emotional so watch out for drama playing out in your life as well as those with whom you encounter. This is a major release time for the collective so walk with awareness and compassion. The time after the full moon is like a void and Uranus direct can bring up unpredictable situations. So you want to be as conscious as possible, because this is indeed a huge seed point.
  2. Spend time either in the moonlight or the sunlight during the weekend. These celestial bodies transmit the energies of the planets and you can infuse yourself with them by spending time with the sun and moon with intention. If you know this transit is affecting you personally, ask for the intent of the transit to be revealed to you. If you would like to know how this transit affects you, I’d love to support you by offering a reading of your natal chart. You can request a reading here.
  3. Do a ritual to activate an intent that really means something to you. Walk through the weekend with intention. Be aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions and let them be what you really really want to seed into the decade ahead. Remember, Jupiter in Capricorn is expanding everything that is happening, the good the bad and the ugly! So be aware of what you are planting during this very momentous time. Sow only what you want to reap. Energize only what you want to expand. Ok, you get it 🙂

If you’re curious, this is what I am planning:

  • Spend time in nature, moonlight and sunlight.
  • Make a flower essence with peach flowers. Peach signify the nurturing essence of the Cancer archetype and the peach tree in my yard has just started to bloom. I love making flower essences during important transits as they capture the energy beautifully. I then use them through the year for energetic support.
  • Focus on who I want to be. I am my own authority, how do I want to live this life going ahead and what kind of person do I want to be?
  • Ritual. If you are looking for a ritual, try the one on the free video series.

As a way to offer you support during this critical time, I’d love to offer a big discount on Astrology readings till the end of January 2020.

If you are feeling stuck, blocked or uncertain during this time of transition, getting an astrological reading can give you a very clear picture of what is going on and what next step you need to take. I make it super easy for you to understand what’s happening by looking at clues in your chart and offer 2 types of readings.

  1. Solar Return Chart readings (Now 50 USD, original 60 USD) that focus on themes and major transits for the next 1 year. 
  2. Natal Chart reading + Transits for next 1 year: 1.5 hr chart reading (Now 100USD, original 150 USD).

Find out:

– How to energize and nurture yourself during this time of change.

– Your style of communication and how to communicate effectively so you are in integrity with yourself

– Clarity on your values and desires, and motivation for taking action on your desires

– Understand how you could be sabotaging yourself

– Major transits affecting you and their intent, particularly how Saturn/Pluto is affecting you.

– Practical strategies to work consciously with the transits

Free Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle reading along with ether of the chart readings. This can offer tremendous insight and wisdom into your current situation.

 If you would like some support on figuring how the next year looks for you and what transits are activating your chart, let’s connect HERE.

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