The unfolding continues

Just checking in to see how the last weekend was for you?
We’ve had an immense amount of astrological energy being activated since last week’s full moon lunar eclipse and Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Also, all planets are direct now till Feb 16th. A good time to resume any tasks that may have seemed stalled for the past few months.
With last weekend’s energies, a new door has opened, although you will feel the effects of those transits unfold in the next few months in surprising ways. Stay open and be flexible to new things.
For me personally, I have certainly had many surprises, some not so good and some super exciting! All part of learning to play and flow in this new energy!
The week ended up being super-packed for me. I am not one to pile up my schedule with constant doing, but this week was very different. With a friend visiting from out of town on a business trip, helping my daughter with her project on Fingerprints for her Science Fair and dealing with a multitude of surprises, it took every bit of presence to stay focused.
I felt way more tired than usual, which is normal after intense astrological transits, especially those that concern Pluto. So just a reminder, to take care of your health and be discerning with where you are putting your energy.

In other astrological news, Mercury enters Aquarius today. Our perceptions may change with it going into an Air sign. Any judgment & heaviness you might have felt with its transit through Capricorn, especially with it meeting Saturn and Pluto last weekend, might find relief, as you are able to see things from a much larger perspective.
Aquarius can give you access to thoughts, ideas and insights like never before. A breath of fresh inspiring air. Aquarius is the sign that emphasizes uniqueness, and Mercury’s transit through it can help you to see things in a unique way and also express that uniqueness more gracefully. Just like our fingerprints are unique (and the fun figures my daughter made with fingerprints!) this transit can help us to appreciate our own unique brand of quirkiness!

I have some exciting news to share! I am thrilled to be doing a series of Master classes on the Zodiac Signs for Dominique Oyston’s Goddess Voice Academy this year! The first class on Capricorn yesterday was a delight and constituted a new beginning for me, expanding the scope of my astrological work.
Coming to this point, where I am teaching about Astrology, has been a truly empowering healing journey. See, we all come in with a  core wound from previous lifetimes, that is represented by the asteroid Chiron in our charts. In my astrological readings and courses, I focus on Chiron A LOT! That is because, working with Chiron and healing the wound it represents, allows us to access the medicine under the wound, which we then offer to others as a gift. With my Chiron in Aries in the 3rd house, the wound was around expressing my true self powerfully. But as I worked with my Chiron, I started to heal that part of me and bring to light the medicine (Astrology) which I now offer to others 🙂
If you would like to know more about your natal Chiron in your chart, I’d love to support you with a reading.

The sale on readings continues through end of January. You can request one here.

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