Aquarius New Moon

Today’s New Moon in Aquarius is square Uranus the planet that resonates the most with Aquarius.
That’s a LOT of Aquarius energy in the air!
This is awakening you to accept and love your own value that inherently comes from your uniqueness.
It is also sextile Chiron which means that the wound around fully accepting your uniqueness may be easier to deal with  today.
Uranus transits can bring up interesting sudden insights and can shock you into dropping an old pattern that is not serving you at all. Pay attention.
It can also bring up chaotic situations for the sake of getting you to drop the drama in your life.
Aquarius being an Air sign, allows you to tap into a larger vision for your life, seeing the bigger picture and rising above the mundane that can make life on Earth so hard sometimes. Work with this energy by spending time outdoors in the fresh air and breathing in new life into your vision for the year and decade ahead.

I’m cooking up a sweet little free gift for you and having a ton of fun while doing it. Stay tuned for that in my next newsletter!

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