Another glorious year around the sun + gift!

Can you believe that the 1st month of 2020 is coming to an end! Where did it go!!
I love January, mostly because its my birthday month, and I am totally feeling the inspiration of the Sun in Aquarius, the most expanded Air sign, lifting the heaviness of the 1st few weeks of this year.
At this point, I am deeply grateful for all that I have in my life and all that is growing.
And this has been one of the most gorgeous January I’ve experienced in a while in Austin.

Venus at the Throat Chakra Gate
Earlier this week, the waxing moon met up with Venus at the 5th gate of ascent of Inanna’s return journey from the underworld. It initiates a month of healing and embodying the strength of the throat chakra. The photo above, taken just hours before the moon was with Venus was a lovely sight, on a clear night sky.
As a practice, every year on my birthday, I look at my Solar Return chart to see what theme is playing out for that year. The last year it was deep transformation, with Ascendant being Scorpio. And this year the Capricorn Ascendant falls near my Mercury! Ascendant in the chart refers to the main personality that we are growing into. And Mercury represents communication, how we perceive the world, cognize and express. I just found it very interesting that this theme of the Throat Chakra is showing up in multiple ways in my life this week; I’ve got a sore throat out of the blue – no doubt clearing of the Throat Chakra! And so Capricorn is helping to build a strong new throat chakra to help me in my year ahead 🙂

Birthday Gift for You!
I’ve created a handy PDF to help you empower your life in 2020. It starts off with the key planetary transits of the year and what they mean; followed by 20 steps to navigate the life-changing astrology of 2020! You can sign up for it here: 20 steps to navigating the life-changing astrology of 2020! I had a lovely time putting it together and I hope you get much from it.

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