Shine Bright says the Leo Full Moon

Tonight the Moon in Leo is full, opposite the Sun in Aquarius.

This is shining a spotlight on our uniqueness and asking us, do we have the courage to let our full bright inner light shine?

The essence of Leo is radiant self-love. Someone that embodies healthy Leo has so much self-love that they inspire others by simply being themselves. The shadow of Leo can show up as pride and asking for attention from a place of insecurity. Or shying away from attention.

Each of us is unique (Aquarius), with unique gifts to offer the world. But often, it’s not easy for us to express that uniqueness. In a world where we try to fit in so we don’t seem weird, accepting our own uniqueness requires us to have a healthy dose of self-love, to nurture & find value in that part of us that is different from others.

At the same time today, we also have Venus in Aries, conjunct (at the same position) as Chiron in Aries. This is helping us to soften the pain around expressing our uniqueness, and giving us an extra shot of self-esteem and courage to walk this path.
Maybe you will speak up for yourself in your relationships. Maybe you will do something brave to honor your true essence instead of hiding. Maybe this will inspire you to create something new that expresses your soul essence.

In order to own our uniqueness, we absolutely need to love ourselves so much, that it doesn’t matter what others think and we can unapologetically be our true selves with joy.

This full moon, ask where you are shying away from fully being yourself? Sit in the moonlight to infuse yourself with brave love (Leo) to let your unique essence shine through, so you too may inspire others by simply being the bright light that you really are!
Setting Aquarius Sun on the left and Leo moon almost full at the right was a stunning sight as it rose! Picture taken in Austin this evening, as I went for a hike with my family.

Leo in your chart will show you where you need to shine bright in your life. It also depends on whether there are any planets in Leo as they will add their own flavor. Because of this not everyone experiences Leo in the same way. Eg I have Saturn in Leo in my 7th house (relationships). This means that for much of my life, I experienced the Leo energy as something very uncomfortable, as a restrictive influence in my relationships where I didn’t feel comfortable being in the spotlight. As I started to work with my natal chart and understand it better, I realized that Saturn there was asking me to take responsibility for expressing my true essence, in how I show up with others. In Leo, it was asking me to take responsibility for nurturing my own creative potential and show up in a very authentic way. Rather than being a restrictive influence, I now experience it as a beautiful structured energy, showing me a very clear path for allowing my unique self to shine through. This is one of the gifts of astrology I really appreciate–a deeper knowing of my own self.

If you would like to experience this for yourself, I invite you to book a reading with me here. My readings empower you to nurture your own potential and I would love to work with you this way.

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