Slowing down to speed up

Mercury is retrograde, for the next 3 weeks.
It will retrace its steps from 12.47 degrees Pisces to 28.13 degrees Aquarius, turning direct on Mar 9th 2020. This is a karmic zone, where many issues may play out again, for the purpose of giving us more in-depth insights into situations. If you have planets in this area, this transit is very personal for you.

The planet of course is not physically moving backwards, only appears to, from our perspective on Earth.

Mercury represents the mind, our perceptions, how we cognize and express. Retrograde Mercury asks us to rely less on the intellectual mind, and what it knows for sure, and be open to new things. This period calls for us to flow through it by paying attention to our intuition rather than logical mind. Things may not be very clear. What is started now may change form, but be open and go with the flow which will allow you to incorporate any change with grace.
The sign it retrogrades in adds its own flavor to the retrograde period. Pisces is a feeling water sign. With Mercury Rx in Pisces, things flow along at their own sweet pace and it’s important to engage our creative right brain to see the potential that we not be able to see if we are just thinking things from an analytical viewpoint.
The qualities of Pisces, communicating with kindness and compassion and honoring our feelings becomes very important during this period.
Have patience if things are not going along as fast as you expect or hope. Much of this year is about building new structures in our lives, with so many planets in Capricorn. Capricorn helps us to build long term sustainable structures that last. But this Rx period is asking us to review our plans, and tap into our intuition like never before, so that we are really really sure of the actions we take, and that the structures we build this year truly stand the test of time. This is why the opportunity to slow down during this period is a gift we are being given.

If you would like to understand how this transit affects you, I invite you to book a reading with me here. My readings empower you to nurture your own potential and work through every transit consciously and with intention!

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