Are you ready for the frog to lift?

I mean, fog, not frog…:)  

Wow, we are coming out of one of the most bizarre, crazy emotional weeks I’ve seen in a while! The energy is intensifying with all the different transits happening in the skies, building up to a powerhouse of a month.

Let me break this up for you.
Jupiter with Pluto: Can you see how Jupiter inching closer to Pluto is just magnifying the fear, obsession and desire for control happening due to all the recent events? Jupiter has this amplifying effect. And Pluto is all about deep change to the point that we just have to let go and surrender to the change. What we see is the shadow of this energy showing up in our collective with all the fear being amplified as well. The way to work with this energy is to stay grounded, do the practical sensible things you need to, but dig deep for that ability to see the big picture as well. Are things really as bad as they seem in your own personal reality? Don’t focus on or add to the fear. Something big is trying to shake loose from our collective consciousness, and this is the perfect opportunity to watch things from a non-judgemental point of view and not add to  the fear.

Sun with Neptune: Next, we have today Sun in Pisces meeting with Neptune exact. This amplifies the Neptunian/Piscean energy and the shadow of it shows up as confusion, despair and lack of clarity. Like a fog. Everything seems fuzzy. Nothing is clear. Again, here, let go of what is not in your control, and tune into your highest wisdom always rather than getting swayed by collective opinion.

Mercury station: Finally, we have Mercury stationing direct tomorrow. The periods of time when Mercury stations either Rx or Direct can be ripe for confusion as the mental mind tries to hold on to some semblance of structure and clarity. This is again a time to let go of pre-conceived notions of how things should be and minimize what you need to handle in your life.
The fog will start to lift after tomorrow as the moon peaks in analytical, paying attention to detail earthy Virgo.

Daring to live a luscious life! Another big event happening today is Venus conjunct Uranus, helping us to break free from this craziness and tune into our deepest desires so we can dare to live our best life! These articles I wrote a while back when Uranus entered Taurus and Sun entered Taurus is the perfect way to take advantage of this energy. Venus is most at home in Taurus, and as she meets up with Uranus, she gives us an opportunity to break away from consensus reality and live a life aligned with our own deep values.

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