Taurus New Moon – Revolutionary new beginning

The New Moon in Taurus arrives on April 22nd at 9.25pm CST, at 3 degrees. The moon is also conjunct Uranus and square Saturn, and this should give us access to radical forces of new beginnings and make a major breakthrough with revolutionary insights.   So the Moon, Sun, Uranus are in Taurus. Taurus an earth sign represents our physical realm, the earth, our bodies, and everything physical. Taurus being the first earth sign is a sign of:

  • slowing down and fully sinking into the physical existence of life on earth
  • fully appreciating what it means to being in our bodies
  • knowing how to take care our ourselves, how to be self-sufficient
  • knowing that our own true self-worth that does not come from the physical things we own or how we look but a deeper sense of value, a deeper sense of knowing that we are truly divine
  • having deep acknowledgement & gratitude for the blessings that the earth mother provides us unconditionally

We have so much resistance to the Taurus archetype in our culture:

  • resistance to slowing down; instead slow is dubbed as a weakness
  • resistance to enjoying & appreciating what we have thoroughly; instead we are wired to look for more and more outside of us and then wonder why we are never satisfied
  • resistance to paying attention to our bodies, acknowledging our bodies; instead we are addicted to being in our minds and holding the mind as superior to the body
  • resistance to taking a good look at our resources and knowing deeply that we have enough, that this is an abundant universe and that we don’t need to hoard
  • resistance to overlooking our own needs and desires and not realizing that in reality our needs and desires are very simple
  • resistance to fully appreciating the beauty of nature and instead taking it for granted
  • resistance to the value of patience and seeing that certain things will take time and that’s OK and not looking for instant gratification

This is where Uranus is coming in and breaking these patterns of resistances. Together with Saturn, Uranus is working to force us to slow down and look within to see where we need to take responsibility in our lives to make life on earth truly the paradise its meant to be, to allow things to be sustainable for future generations. This new moon which happens to fall on Earth Day, work with the elements of Air and Earth; Aquarius & Taurus; to awaken (Uranus) to the visions (Air) of the future (Aquarius) that’s aligned with your values (Taurus) and ask to be shown the steps (Saturn) to being it into form (Earth).

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