Honoring the need for completion + Gemini New Moon call replay

In our new moon the today (replay posted in the Activate Your Power Facebook group), I went over how the energy of Gemini is very prominent with Moon/Sun/Mercury/Venus RX and North Node in Gemini.

One way this energy can show up is a lot of overwhelm and things & people demanding your attention, leading to feeling scattered.
Its important to be discerning of what you let into your space at this time.
Gemini brings in a fresh energy of lightness, a breath of fresh air & inspiration in our lives.
But if our minds are cluttered with a million things, we may not be able to inhale this inspiration.
So what can you let go off or bring to a completion before you start something new?

This week, my children completed school and of course due to the social distancing restrictions, the last day of school was nothing like how it has been in the past years. Yet, the school organized a beautiful car parade that allowed students to drive by, with their teachers standing on the pavements waving out goodbyes and bringing some semblance of closure to this year.
This made me realize how important it is to honor endings.
How important it is to bring the energy of completion to the things that are in flux and have reached their end point.
How important it it to have a clean transition before we start something new.
That’s why, even with this being a new moon and new beginning of sorts, Gemini is telling me: pause, look at where all your energy is spun out. Bring it back in, and close out what you’ve started. Then start something new that is aligned with your deep heart and truly inspires you! You’ll have more energy to pursue it.

The card I pulled today is the Air card Breath from the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Deck.
What do you need to exhale or complete so you can take a larger inspiration of Air? How can you give yourself space to take a deep breath of life? Spend sometime today and tomorrow in the fresh air to get more insights from Gemini.

In the call we also talked about the Venus cycle that starts in Gemini next month.
I will post that in a separate email, in the interest of conserving my own energy today 🙂

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