Surrender and let go

Now Venus is about 5 degrees from the Sun and is in the underworld, and will soon not be seen in the evening sky anymore as she gets closer to the Sun.

The next 8 day period is an important part of her Libra cycle as she integrates and then surrenders all that she has learned in the past 19 months. This is so she can morph into her Gemini self in preparation for the next cycle.

This underworld period can seem challenging as all the unintegrated, untransformed bits can come to our awareness and be hard to face. Have compassion for yourself and remember this time calls for a lot of surrender and letting go.
 I’ve been integrating the past 19 months myself. One of the ways I do that is through intuitive painting, reflecting and acknowledging the gifts I’ve received in this Libra cycle. Painting in progress shown below.

Since relationships are mirrors of our inner self and this Libra cycle focused on conscious equal partnerships, this is an ideal week to reflect on these questions:

  • How has your relationship with yourself changed over the past 19 months?
  • How have you been able to support the most important person in your life–YOU!?
  • How has your relationship with the significant people in your life changed, strengthened, challenged?
  • How have you grown through this process?
  • What new delightful relationships did you form during this period?
  • What are the most important insights regarding relationships that come to mind right now? What seems most important to you?
  • As we synthesize our experiences over the past months, before the new Gemini cycle begins, we are better prepared to start on a clean slate.

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