Wake Up Gemini! Its Your Time!

We’ve been talking of the past and current Venus cycles in recent weeks. We started with developing Self-Love with Leo, developing courage and inner power with Aries, developing ability to be in conscious equal relationships with Libra.

Now, Venus is coming to the end of her Libra cycle and will start anew in June 2020 in Gemini. Not only that, the eclipses for the next ~2 years, starting June 5th, will feature Gemini as the North node.

So for the next 19 months, Gemini plays a huge role in the collective, especially in this crucial year 2020 as the world is turned upside down and change is definitely in the air. 

What is Gemini?

Gemini is commonly known to be about networking, communication, words, expression, youthfulness & fun! And jumping from thing to thing. But it’s so much more that that!

  • It represents our Voice, Power of the word, Shifting energy, Creativity & Magic!
  • It’s an Air sign and has incredible powers of the Air element. We know that Air is now playing a huge role in rewriting our humanity’s story.
  • It’s about how you shift energy, how you vision, how you focus, how you scale up your vibration.
  • How you use the magic of your mind and truly be mindful rather than mindlessly jump from thing to thing.
  • It’s how you use the power of your words & language to write a new story for your life.

If you have active Gemini in your chart (Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Nodes, MC), you are meant to be at the forefront of this change in this new cycle, this new vision coming out of the world situation we are in. This cycle holds incredible gifts for you if you choose to work with it.


Now, as Venus prepares to start a new cycle in June 2020, I would love to invite you to a beautiful journey with me, as Venus descends into the underworld in preparation to embody the highest aspects of Gemini which are expression, right communication, magic, networking & your message. These aspects are very important to embody in our lives, relationships and business.
And if you have planets in Gemini in your chart, then this is a super important cycle for you as it is meant to awaken your soul purpose in a big way. You are meant to use the magic of your Gemini self to vision a new world and tell a new story for your life, your family, community and clients.

Invitation to work with me consciously with this cycle:

You will awaken your magical Gemini self in a BIG way! We will activate the Gemini part of your chart so you are more in alignment with your soul’s intent. At each gate and chakra, we will enable a major aspect of Gemini within you, and this will allow your soul gifts to unfold. When blocks are removed, it allows soul gifts to come in.

Some gifts I have personally received from working with past cycles:

  • courage to move through some of my biggest blocks
  • reclaiming my creative expression
  • reclaiming the power of my voice
  • brought to me wonderful teachers that helped me to develop my voice and coaching skills
  • brought to me wonderful relationships & community
  • opened up opportunities to start my astrology business
  • feeling of strong identity and & living my soul purpose
  • The BEST, crystal clear clarity on who I am meant to be and a deep knowing that I am on absolutely the right path

I’d love to walk this journey with you as we reclaim the magic and power of Gemini in our life.This is a huge opening for you Gemini. Will you walk through it with me?If you are interested in this 9 month journey with me (June 2020 – Jan 2021), connect with me HERE for details!

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