How are you doing after last week’s full moon eclipse?

How are you doing after last week’s eclipse?

We are in a period of a void–between the release (lunar eclipse full moon on June 5th) and next week’s solar eclipse new moon near the solstice (June 21st). This upcoming new moon + solstice next week is a powerful astrological portal. Meaning that this period between the old and new is a time to clear the stuff from your life not working anymore and prepare for a strong new beginning.

I’ve personally been feeling the eclipse energies a lot as I have planets in both Gemini and Sagittarius. Some old patterns came up very strongly, to be released. I also have been feeling the information overload from multiple aspects of my life, and hence unable to take in new things; so I have been retreating and recouping. This period can make us feel very tired physically, so it’s also important to take care of your body and rest if you need to.

The key to navigating these transits effectively is to simplify greatly. Simplify every aspect of your life.

The new moon next week is a gigantic new beginning and we don’t want to be dragging in old outdated stuff into the new.

So what I end up doing at times like these is clear the clutter, mentally, physically, emotionally, digitally.

Mentally: where do you need to clear old outdated thoughts, ideas, beliefs? What thoughts are repeatedly churning in your mind, weighing you down?

Emotionally: what emotional baggage are you carrying with you? This can be a very sensitive area, but so essential to take an honest look at and clear because going forward they will just start to feel very heavy. Mercury retrograde in Cancer (a deeply feeling water sign) is just around the corner. This can bring up emotions around areas of family dynamics, stability, home and roots.

Physically: take a look at the all the physical things in your life: body, home, finances. What habits do you need to change to honor  your body more? What clutter needs to be released from your home? Do you need to review your finances and how they are spent?

Digitally: this can be an area where you don’t feel the heaviness consciously, but we tend to accumulate so much stuff digitally because it’s easy, and all of it has an impact on our own personal energy. What emails have you not read for years? What newsletters do you need to unsubscribe from? What files need to be deleted? Where do you tend to be on autopilot just consuming information without it adding deep meaning and value to your life? I feel this is an important area to review, as Mercury is going to go retrograde next week and highlight this area of our life.

This period is another turning point in our lives. If you have not had your natal chart read and need to refocus, reach out to me for a reading here. I can help you get clear and navigate through this time.

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