Feeling your way through to write a new story

There is a lot going on in the cosmos this week. Let’s break it down to understand it better:

Neptune in Pisces turned retrograde a few days ago. The planet representing our visions, dreams and our connection to the Divine now has an inner focus for the next several months. This means that things may feel more confusing than usual. Disillusionment & depression with the status quo can come up strongly.

Mercury is still retrograde in the sign of Cancer.

Both these together mean that trying to analyze things with the help of the logical mind can just give us a headache. This is a time to let go of pre-conceived notions. Go with the flow and really tune into your heart and feel your way through rather than think your way through.

Both being in water signs mean that our feelings really need to be clear to help guide our way. So if feelings are blocked by old emotional baggage, they will get in the way of giving us clarity. It’s important to allow ourselves to feel our feelings fully and give ourselves space to honor our emotions.

This is particularly important as we are now heading towards the 2nd Jupiter Pluto conjunction (June 30th) at 24 Capricorn that will once again amplify the process of transformation and intensity that a lot of humanity is going through.

And Mars (representing the masculine within  each of us) enters the sign of Aries on Saturday, June 27th. This is significant, especially if you have stuff going on in Aries, because Mars is going to spend 6 months (rather than the usual 6 weeks) in this sign! Aries represents action and initiation & can easily give us a huge amount of energy to move ahead. But it can also represent the shadow, of aggression & anger, black and white thinking and moving ahead destructively rather than constructively.

So the way to move through these energies is to be aware and exercise the power of our choice wisely.

Venus in the sky has finally turned direct after 40 days of being Retrograde. Some things in your life will gain a bit more clarity now that Venus is moving forward in Gemini.

This colorful drawing made by my dear daughter, portrays the Gemini energy so well!

Playfulness, lightness, color, joy and RAINBOWS!

Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved rainbows! I always felt that rainbows are magical!

My daughter shares the same idea because most everything she draws has rainbows in them!

Well, guess what – the goddess associated with Venus (indicating the feminine energies within each of us) in the sign of Gemini is represented by Iris the Rainbow Goddess!

Venus in Gemini is telling us, it’s time to write a new story. It’s time to honestly look at what we believe and how we communicate and weave our world through the stories we tell ourselves and others. It’s time to release the blocks that prevent us from living the story that we want.

There is still time to join me and a beautiful group that is forming, on our Venus in Gemini journey starting next week. We will work with not only Venus in Gemini but also the Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius.

These are some of the topics we will cover

  • Gemini represents our Voice, Power of the word, Shifting energy, Creativity & Magic!
  • It’s an Air sign and has incredible powers of the Air element. We know that Air is now playing a huge role in rewriting our humanity’s story.
  • It’s about how you shift energy, how you vision, how you focus, how you scale up your vibration.
  • How you use the magic of your mind and truly be mindful rather than mindlessly jump from thing to thing.
  • It’s how you use the power of your words & language to write a new story for your life.
  • Examining the beliefs you hold around creating what you want
  • Learning to expand the desired things rather than the undesired things

And if you have planets in Gemini/Sagittarius in your chart, then this is an important cycle for you as it is meant to awaken your soul purpose in a big way. You are meant to use the magic of your Gemini/Sagittarius self to vision a new world and tell a new story for your life, your family, community and clients!

If this interests you, connect with me HERE.

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