Diving deep into the dark!

Today we have a double dose of Scorpio type energy that helps us to dive deep into the dark shadows of our inner state.

We have moon in Scorpio along with Jupiter meeting Pluto in Capricorn for the 2nd time (1st time was Apr 4th, when both were direct. Today they are both retrograde, implying that the spotlight is on our inner self and hidden karmic stories).

Pluto, the planet, resonates most with the energy of Scorpio (meaning they represent the same thing, death of old patterns, facing of fears so we can transform them for the sake of empowering us, rebirth once we transform the fear).

Pluto is deep inevitable transformation and Jupiter is the principle of expansion. Their meeting is an amplification of the opportunity to change deeply from the inside out.

When we have an excess of Pluto Scorpio energy, the shadow or hidden or negative aspects that we are suppressing, consciously or unconsciously, are more easily obvious during these times.

Pluto brutally strips away anything and everything that is false to you. This will bring up all sorts of emotions. So, it’s important to pay attention to what is coming up for you during these next few days as it’s giving you clues to what is truly blocking you from fully owning your power.

Pay attention to the grief, sadness, anger, guilt, frustration, disappointment and fears that surface from the deep. Allow it a safe way to be expressed. If we have not been honoring our emotions, this process can be very uncomfortable and hard. But it’s necessary if we are to move ahead in our lives without the undercurrent of these emotions pulling us underwater (this is where when Scorpio energy is highlighted, it brings to the surface of our awareness the stuff we have pushed under the rug and says it’s time to face the truth).

Jupiter/Pluto will meet once again Nov 12 at the same point as the Saturn Pluto conjunction (22 deg Capricorn) (this is NOT a coincidence, when the same degree gets activated multiple times, the universe is giving us multiple chances to clean up our act!). Also, the full moon lunar eclipse later this week will activate these degrees again, providing for a major opportunity to release these patterns!

So, ask yourself today:

  • What are your deepest fears?
  • What does life look like with this fear in place?
  • What would life look like if this fear was gone?
  • What’s the very next step you need to take, to start to move this fear and move ahead?
  • Can you hold yourself in absolute love and compassion during this process?
  • Do you judge yourself when strong emotions come up?
  • Have you allowed yourself time & space to feel any deep-seated emotions within you?

Saturn-Pluto conjunction videos in the videos section of the Activate Your Power FB group:
These videos go into great detail about these energies and have several exercises that  will help  you to get clear on what needs to be released (Pluto), what needs to be built (Saturn) and even the area of your life based on your rising sign that is being affected. Be sure to check these out here as this story continues to evolve in all our lives throughout 2020.

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